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SMAFFRPG™ – Smaller, Faster, Funnier Role-Playing Games are RPGzines packing an amazing setting, complete rules, and tons of silly fun into an easy to print or read RPG booklet. Make characters easier, create adventures faster, and be silly and funny with your friends.

Kaboomkin™ The Post-Apocalypse RPG of Cartoon Fairy Tale Mayhem

Once upon a time... The world was a magical place, with tiny mushroom houses and rainbow unicorns. The cheerful song of Gnomekin rang through the wooded valley. Then...

The Great Kaboom! ™ The war lasted decades. The molten slag that remained was quickly overgrown by dangerous jungles full of mutant monstrosities. Down in the sewers and caves, after living for an era in their burrows, the Kaboomkin emerged.

The Kaboomkin are mutated imps barely 12 inches tall. They have yellow, green, purple, or orange skin and large pointy ears. They hardly resemble their fairy ancestors and have long abandoned their magical ways for gizmology™, the weird science of devastating weaponry.

The Kaboomkin are sneaky, fast, and deadly. They spend their grubhood in mock battles. When a Kaboomkin becomes an adult, the elders give them a fancy hat, and then they swarm out from their scrapburgs in small squads on missions to scavenge gizmos and soda pop in the...

Brambleslag™ These Kaboomkin squads explore this dangerous jungle and dark sewers, learning its murky mysteries, salvaging scrap, stopping outlaws and hunting monsters. Oh, and to... Blow Schtuff Up!™

8-page rule book includes how to make player characters, how to play, and random tables for generating: missions, mutant monsters, scrap, and exploring scrapburgs. 4 PDFs for ebook 5"x8" format, booklet 10"x8" format, 1" Tokens, and Character Sheets,


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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KaboomkinCharacterSheetsE01.pdf 596 kB
KaboomkinTokensE01.pdf 484 kB

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