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Grimdork RPG means this game is funny, in a darkly farcical, yet primordial Sword & Sorcery vibe. It is easy to play and uses a single axial-stat called Whimsy for both physical and mental skill resolution.

It is a tiny fantasy role-playing game where a huge ancient troll witch dream-weaves magical creatures that groom her festering Wyrm-filled pimples while she does endless walkabout in a grimdork kaosverse. In this primordial place there are no cities, technology, government, kings, iron, or fire. Most things are made from wood, stone, bone, and wyrmhide. Without Pyewacket’s enchanted weapons and Nyxx’s mystical trinkets there might not be Pookies.

Play a heroic Pooky Wyrmstalker, a gnomish-sized faun with features of your favorite fuzzy critters (like fur, tails, ears, horns, snouts, and whiskers), using Weapons and Trinkets to protect your shire burrows from dire beasts. 

Requires: One Sheriff (game master player) and 1 or more Pooky players, a 20-sided die for actions, an 8-sided die for tables, pencils, and paper.

Includes: One 2-sided PDF for Pamphlet folding, and one 2-sided PDF for One Page


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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This is in my top 10 games of 2021. Just so much fun packed in this tiny package